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Why Peak Week Methods Can Change

January 30, 2020

Why Peak Week Methods Can Change

Let’s chat peak week & stage adjustments!

On the left- Candice was peaked at her fullness for her show by stage time. She was chasing fullness Thursday & Friday & looked a little at (flat essentially means the muscles aren’t filled with their max capacity for water & glycogen- which can result in looking smaller & softer). So- we brought up her carbs & added fats & extra water & sodium on Friday night since she looked a tad flat in the booty. She woke ready Saturday morning and peaked perfectly!! She won her class!

Using this strategy- I then knew we had to load her carbs & fats earlier in the week for show 2,  2 weeks later, on the right. She was READY Friday & Saturday morning- but unfortunately,  Candice had lots of waiting to do  (they paused the NPC show to allow IFBB to go) & because of this -she flattened out a bit prior to stepping on stage, making her upper body & her lower body fall flat. She texted me at 2 and didn’t go on till around 5! I wasn’t at this show & did not see the changes till it was after.

What could have helped this? Increasing water with quick digesting carbs & sodium. This would pull water into the muscle & enlarge them- bringing back that fullness with a pump!

Peak week methods have to change based on how the body responds daily. We took the left show and had her ready for the right show with her peak week changes- but then we learned that show day, she can still fall flat with time! What did we learn for next peak? Stay on top of fullness! Feed early more if we have to Saturday AM, & make sure cell service isn’t an issue.

Got questions?? Peaking is a science!








“If you would have told me that I would be planning to compete on the National level this year, I wouldn’t have believed you…but here I am. My only goal for 2019 was to improve my own physique and stage presentation and gain experience as a bikini competitor.  I was able to accomplish just that and I placed top 5 every time I stepped on stage and I even got a shoot at an overall title and qualified for Nationals. I have an incredible team of knowledgeable people partnering with my goals starting with my amazing hubby, genius nutritionist and coach, dedicated trainer, and an all star team who supports each other so enthusiastically!! Doing 4 shows this year was intense, but I learned the value of a slow and steady prep and a healthy reverse diet in between. Prep can be mentally and physically draining, but with the guidance of a great nutritionist there really can be a good balance between depletion and refeeds and with diet and specific training, I really was able to make the improvements we set out to make. Even now in my “off season”, I am still focused on new goals but with enough flexibility to enjoy this season along with my favorite foods from time to time! I have learned that having a strategic support system and plan in place along with clear  goals is how you can succeed in anything you do; along with inner confidence in who you are and your ability to achieve your dreams.”


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