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The Women's Guide to Hormonal Harmony

The Women’s Guide to Hormonal Harmony – How to Rebalance Your Hormones, Master Your Metabolism, and Become the Boss of Your Own Body

“Written for you, by yours truly” – Lacey

Now YOU can achieve hormonal harmony, too!

The Women’s Guide to Hormonal Harmony gives women the knowledge, tools, and confidence to rebalance their hormones, master their metabolism, and become the boss of their own body.

From thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, gut disorders, to navigating the best “diet” plan– this guide serves as the one book you need to feel your best and reclaim your hormones, health, and body.

About Lacey Dunn, Registered Dietitian and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Lacey Dunn, MS, RD, LD, CPT is a functional medicine dietitian who specializes in physique enhancement, weight management, thyroid disorders, PCOS, adrenal dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and metabolic resistance. She has helped thousands of women take their health & bodies back into their own hands. 

Lacey wrote this book to empower, educate, and help women to build the confidence that they need to become the true master of their own health and body. In this book, women will be given the knowledge that they need on what your hormones are, how they work, and how they interact & influence the body. They will learn the truth about what healthy eating really means, what foods will help nourish their body, and how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This is a secret sauce book of knowledge bombs for all women to not only know what is going on in their bodies, but why.

Learn How to Achieve Hormonal Harmony and Optimize Your Health

Here is a sneak peek at some of the key messages Lacey addresses in this book:

1. You deserve to know not only what is going wrong in your body, but why. 

2. Your hormones are like a symphony. If one is out of balance, it ruins the entire performance. 

3. Just because period problems are common, do not make them normal. Birth control can act like a band-aid, but it won’t truly heal the wound.

4. “Calories in vs calories out” is not all that matters. Your body is an ever-changing organism, not a car with one set fuel-need and way to run. You have hormones that can increase or decrease your metabolism, and hormonal imbalances can play a great role in your ability to maintain or change your body composition and weight. 

5. Your health will not be optimized if your digestion and gut health is not optimized. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest and absorb. If you want a healthy body, you need a healthy gut!

This book is different- It not only gives women the what’s and the why’s to reclaim their hormones, but also gives the specifics on how to heal and reclaim hormones and health. It serves as a master guide for both metabolism, hormones, gut health, and more. Unlike the typical “single serving” one topic, it encompasses all aspects – so that women fully understand their bodies from the inside out.