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Lacey Dunn - MS, RDN

Meet Lacey,

Founder of UpliftFit Nutrition

My clients call me their “magic fairy godmother”. I use my magic wand of science to help people like you to reclaim their health, transform their life, and achieve their dream body! My one goal in life is to help people like you to go from just surviving, to thriving! Are you ready to feel and look your best? Truth is – I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been in the “black hole” of anxiety, pain, and confusion, crippled by hypothyroidism. I stand as a thyroid warrior here to help you take your health back, just like I did, and get back to living your best life.


It’s simple. I will change your life.

UpliftFit Nutrition as a virtual dietitian private practice, to help you reclaim your health, feel your best, and to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to become the boss of your own life, health, and body!

No more second guessing. No more confusion. No more frustration! I am here to help empower you to find the root cause of your struggles, reclaim your health, feel your best, and achieve your dream body!


  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Weight gain
  • Trouble losing weight
  • Brain fog
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Hair loss
  • Low motivation
  • Severe acne
  • Constant bloating
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Low sex drive
  • Dizziness

Aka – do you not feel like yourself?


Not Cool.
You Deserve Better!

My clients are just like you. They seek the help of our registered dietitians at UpliftFit Nutrition because they are ready to kick their health struggles to the curb, transform their bodies, and achieve ultimate health!


Thyroid Disorders

Hormonal Imbalances


Cortisol Dysregulation

Digestive Distress

Chronic Fatigue

Metabolic Resistance

Body Transformations

Bodybuilding Contest Prep


Comprehensive History Assessment:

We all have a story to tell. This is your chance for you to tell me yours! Together we will dive deep into your struggles, reveal potential root causes and roadblocks to your health and goals, assess your lab work, current symptoms, supplements, medications, and address what lifestyle factors may be impacting your health. By doing a thorough assessment of all factors, mind, body, soul, and environment, we will work together to make a game plan for you to take back control of your health and body!

Advanced Functional Medicine Testing:

Test don’t guess! I use specialty functional medicine testing that will allow us to identify why you’re struggling & what you can do to reclaim your health back! From intensive hormone testing, stool analysis, to genetic profiling, I will use a functional medicine approach to uncover the obstacles to your health & vitality.

Custom Treatment Protocol:

Together, we will identify the root cause of your symptoms and struggles, uproot them, & develop a personalized plan to help you restore your health & happiness! My programs are designed to not only help you reclaim your health, but to help educate, inspire, and provide you with the knowledge, tools, skills, & to finally feel like your best self. No more wasting time confused as you weed through information & try various other protocols that don’t work. We will create a game plan specifically created for you to be the boss of your own life! You’ll feel empowered and confident knowing that your story will only have a happy ending. Let my team of functional medicine dietitians and I work our magic and prioritize YOU and your health!

Client Success Stories (more on my Instagram highlights!)

    I finally found someone who cared to hear me as a person, not just a list of symptoms, who looked beyond the surface and helped me get to the root cause of why I have been feeling the way I have. It’s hard and scary to start change, but investing in this journey with Lacey was the best decision. She changed my life, health and my perspective on how to take care of my body. Her kindness, her support, and compassion is unmatched to anyone I have met. If I could give any advice to anyone who may be struggling with their thyroid, hormones, nutrition – this is your sign, Lacey will help you each step of the way towards healing. 


    Ive worked with lacey for 3 months for nutrition coaching. I was suffering with severe acid reflux, bloating, constipation and eczema. Ive seeker medical advice a few months prior to reaching out and was advised to take reflux suppressions which i knew did not treat the main cause of the reflux. I stumbled across Lacey’s page and decided to reach out. It was the perfect time as quarantine had just started and i was able to focus on my health and nutrition 100%. Along with receiving personalized macros, i was also advised on what to have and what to avoid, which helped relieve my constipation and decrease my reflux. A month in, i started developing eczema on my wrist, which i knew i didnt want to treat with topical steroids. Although it took a long time to commit to eliminating certain food groups from my diet and patience, it was all worth it seeing my eczema heal by focusing on my nutrition. As a result of focusing on my macros, i also noticed muscle gains as i have previously under eaten protein and restricted my calories. Additionally, ive found that my macros supported my training in all aspects as well as the results from my training. Overall, reaching out to lacey was very beneficial to both my health, strength and appearance. 

    I cant thank you enough Lacey!!!! Ill be back in the future?!


    When I started working with Lacey, I had already been to my GI doctor who was uninterested in getting to the root of my worsening digestive issues. He wanted to just put me on medication to treat the symptoms. I knew something was not right, but didn’t know how to figure that out and didn’t want to start over with another GI doctor just to possibly end up in the same situation.

    Lacey listened to all of my complaints, suggested testing and the rest is history. We discovered some issues that are treatable and also determined dietary changes were needed. I am now a few months in and have no more unbearable daily bloating and stomach pain and my brain fog is completely gone. In addition, I have lost 13 pounds. Thanks to Lacey, I have all of the support I need including email, private Facebook page, weekly check-in calls, easy supplement ordering, and meal and exercise plans. I have just renewed my monthly premium plan and am so excited to keep working for my health!

    Tina L

    I started working with Lacey after unintentionally losing quite a bit of weight in a short period of time. I was suffering from chronic bloating and digestive distress, and was struggling to maintain my weight and gain muscle. After working with a gastroenterologist for several months who was unable to find a reason for my symptoms, I knew that I needed to find someone who would investigate the root cause of the issue and consider my overall health.
    When I joined Lacey’s team, we immediately set a game plan to test my gut health while starting to give my body the fuel that it needed to grow. After working with Lacey for the past six months, I have been able to put on a good amount of muscle mass, especially in my glutes, shoulders, back, and hamstrings. I have been amazed to find myself growing muscles that I never even knew existed before. Although my initial goal was not a reverse diet, Lacey was able to help me slowly increase my calories to where I was maintaining my weight at a much higher intake than when I started!

    Lacey is knowledgeable about SO many different areas, and was able to answer questions I had about all things fitness, nutrition, digestive and hormonal health. She never gave up on trying to address my digestive distress, and considered my own personal needs when suggesting how to adjust my diet and lifestyle to help me optimize my health. Lacey is incredibly sweet and compassionate, and it is evident that she truly cares about doing what is in the best interest of her clients. I am so grateful for what Lacey was able to do for me, not only physically, but also mentally by giving me a passion for being happy, healthy, and strong!

    Grace P.

    I first started working with Lacey in 2018. She was wonderful and taught me so much about food freedom with macros. Some things came up and I had to take a break from working with her, but I started back working with her in 2020. She is helping me to recover from intense workouts and we are working on lowering my stress. I tend to overtrain and not rest/relax enough, but she is helping me to feel okay about self care and relaxing more. I have always overtrained as long as I can remember, either through long workouts and lots of cardio or high intense workouts. She is also helping me with my macros. Lacey is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful person. She not only helps me with those mentioned above, but ask about my stress, sleep, self care, and life in general. She is genuine and very caring and is always asking how she can help me even more. If you are on the fence about hiring her GO FOR IT!! You will not regret it.

    Amy M.

    Anna Testimonial

    When I came to Lacey almost a year ago, I wanted to lose some body fat (tone up) and get my cycle back after several years of restriction and weight cycling.  A couple months before starting with Lacey I first started counting macros but it was not working and I was actually gaining weight despite consuming around 1400 calories while also not having a cycle.  Lacey was honest (as she always is!) and said we would really have to dive into regaining my cycle and getting my metabolism back on track before the fat loss can happen.

    The things is, I am in the nutrition field and I subconsciously knew these things but I NEEDED someone to tell me that and hold me accountable through the process. I had a lot of the knowledge but not a lot of the confidence to take it on myself! After a month of working with Lacey, I got my period and have gotten it every month since working with her while getting my calories up higher than ever.  I think counting macros can get a bad rap sometimes because people can think it is only used for weight loss, but using macros with guidance from Lacey allowed me to get my metabolism back on track and eat ENOUGH. 

     If it were not for Lacey, I would have stopped once I say the scale start to creep up, when I felt uncomfortable eating more, or when I saw changes in my body, but I knew I could trust Lacey in the process.  I didn’t start a cut until 7 or so months of working with Lacey and the lowest calories I was consuming were still HIGHER than when I came to Lacey.  Beyond her expertise in women’s health and hormones, Lacey

     is just a kind person and cares deeply about all of her clients.  Lacey has helped me build up my metabolism AND confidence to where I can continue my journey by self but I will always consider Lacey a friend. ?

    Anna Whitlow

    I have been working with Lacey for over two years now for bikini contest prep and reverse, but I have a new found appreciation for her wealth of knowledge after 2020 hit. I found myself quarantined and having to support my 3 kids during distance learning (one of which has Autism) AND learn how to convert the American Sign Language courses that I teach at a local college to online format…AND I also had my sister and two young nieces living with us who also were stuck at home doing distance learning. Add of these stressors up and I found myself an exhausted, anxious, wreck who had zero energy, and couldn’t sleep, and had awful muscle recovery after struggling through workouts which I used to LOVE!! Lacey advised me to gets some labs done to check for a thyroid issue and she recommended we check my cortisol levels with the Dutch test. Turns out my prolonged stress levels, lack of sleep, and over training caused my cortisol awakening response to be critically low. Which would explain all of my symptoms and why I couldn’t keep my eyes open by 2pm every day and walked around constantly feeling overwhelmed.

    She quickly recommended an all natural regimen of happy light therapy, gargling, yoga, reduced workouts, prioritizing rest, and some supplements to nurture my hormones and cortisol. After several months of healing, and focusing on managing my stress, I am finally feeling my energy levels return for my day-to-day tasks and my motivation for strength training has returned. My lifts have been strong and my muscle recovery is good again which has improved my quality of sleep. Feeling like “myself” again is the biggest win I could have asked for this new year. Lacey’s attention to detail and natural approach has helped me heal and I know with her support and coaching, I will be able to unlock my greatest potential this year!! 

    Candice Rhea

    Prior to working with Lacey, I was struggling with strength and really wanting to build my muscles. With her help, I have been able to fuel my body to gain muscles in my arms, glutes, and legs! She also helped me with supplements specific to me based on lab results and I feel so much better. My brain is less foggy, I’m less lethargic, and overall, I’m just really excited that with her assistance, I have been able to take back control of my health. She is so positive and encouraging and real with her coaching. She makes me feel like I can achieve my goals without resulting in the desperate quick tricks I would try in the past. I’m so glad I found Lacey, and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking help in their health or in their physique or both. 

    Catherine Register

    kristen testimonial

    Before working with Lacey I was struggling with cystic acne, hair loss and gut issues. She had me do some blood work and discovered I had some nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Lacey put me on a supplement regimen and we worked on my diet and after a few months my acne, hair loss and gut issues have improved dramatically! It has been such a blessing to work with someone who truly cares about my healing journey. I will forever be thankful for Lacey!

    Kristen H

Girl, it’s time for you to pour into your own cup. At UpliftFit Nutrition, I aim to be the last dietitians you’ll ever need. Let’s work together to help you transform your body and achieve ultimate health. Say goodbye to health struggles and confusion and hello to vitality and confidence!

Hello to vitality and confidence!

Root Cause Radio- My Podcast!

Learn how to rebalance your hormones, master your metabolism, and become the boss of your own body with Root Cause Radio, hosted by Registered Dietitian Lacey Dunn, MS, RD, LD, CPT and my cohost, Anya Rosen.

The podcast was born to help give women the knowledge, tools, and confidence to rebalance their hormones, master their metabolism, and become the boss of their own body. From thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, gut disorders, to navigating the trenches and noise in the “health and fitness” world- this podcast serves as the one resource you need to feel your best, break through the clutter, and reclaim your hormones, health, and body!