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Work With Me

thinking of working With Me?

That makes my heart so happy!

I can’t wait to be a part of your life! Seriously, helping people take their health back, transforming their lives, and making their dreams become reality are amongst my favorites things in the whole entire world!

Picture This:

  • You feel your absolute best and no longer suffer with chronic fatigue or pain.
  • You enjoy the foods you love without gas, bloating, or fear. (Hello pancakes anyone?)
  • You finally have a normal menstrual cycle without pain or crippling PMS. Bonus points for getting pregnant (my clients call me the stork!)
  • You have a personal cheerleader and friend to empower you, hold you accountable for your goals, & celebrate your wins.
  • You can finally quit the cycle of fad and yo-yo dieting and learn what your body needs to eat to thrive & look your best.
  • You have your energy back to do the things you love.

You in? I hope so! Your health is invaluable. So is your happiness.
Say “yes” to yourself- Let’s work together!

I am dedicated to guiding you in identifying the root cause of your symptoms so that you can begin feeling like YOU again!


Basic Coaching:

This is for you ladies & gents that have your health on track, & just need some help making your fitness or physique goals happen! Get the same quality of coaching, education, & knowledge, just without the detailed health analysis (note you may always upgrade for it!). All basic coaching follows a flexible dieting based approach (aka we track macros here!)

  • Includes comprehensive assessment of your history, health status, & goals with an individualized plan to help you conquer them & achieve your best self!
  • Weekly email only check ins to provide you with the accountability, support, & encouragement you need to stay on track & adjust your plan when needed.
  • Access to my private FB community of incredible ladies & gentleman to help further educate & inspire you
  • Starting at $200/month
  • Add custom workout & training plans for an additional $100
  • Inquire for up to 20% off with 6 & 12 month commitments

Premium Coaching:

This is the full she-bang. Get the highest level of support with my premium coaching! This is for you if you need help with your hormones, thyroid, digestion, or just want to pick my brain on a weekly basis!

  • Includes comprehensive assessment & review of your health history, assessment of labs (with specialty functional labs being ordered as and if needed), a deep dive into your potential root causes, & individualized treatment plan to uproot & eliminate the demons holding you back from truly thriving!
  • Weekly email & phone check ins to not only ensure you are taking steps forward to feel your best, but also provide you with the tools, knowledge, & skills to be the queen (or king!) of your own body for the rest of your life!
  • Custom biweekly meal plan- formulated with your favorite foods & preferences
  • Access to my private FB community of incredible ladies & gentleman to help further educate & inspire you
  • Starting at $600/month
  • Inquire for up to 20% off available with 3 months commitments

Phone Consults

Need a one time session to discuss your health and wellness goals or interpret lab or functional medicine test results? Want help with your hormones, thyroid, or gut health? Or just want to pick my nerdy brain? I’m here! This is a great option for many that may also not be able to afford my premium coaching or don’t need continued accountability.

  • Includes a 60 min comprehensive medical assessment with a custom tailored treatment plan
  • Recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you feel your best and reach your goals
  • Access to my exclusive clinician only supplement dispensary with 20% off retail value
  • Exclusive handouts formulated for your needs

    When I came to Lacey almost a year ago, I wanted to lose some body fat (tone up) and get my cycle back after several years of restriction and weight cycling.  A couple months before starting with Lacey I first started counting macros but it was not working and I was actually gaining weight despite consuming around 1400 calories while also not having a cycle.  Lacey was honest (as she always is!) and said we would really have to dive into regaining my cycle and getting my metabolism back on track before the fat loss can happen.

    The things is, I am in the nutrition field and I subconsciously knew these things but I NEEDED someone to tell me that and hold me accountable through the process. I had a lot of the knowledge but not a lot of the confidence to take it on myself! After a month of working with Lacey, I got my period and have gotten it every month since working with her while getting my calories up higher than ever.  I think counting macros can get a bad rap sometimes because people can think it is only used for weight loss, but using macros with guidance from Lacey allowed me to get my metabolism back on track and eat ENOUGH. 

     If it were not for Lacey, I would have stopped once I say the scale start to creep up, when I felt uncomfortable eating more, or when I saw changes in my body, but I knew I could trust Lacey in the process.  I didn’t start a cut until 7 or so months of working with Lacey and the lowest calories I was consuming were still HIGHER than when I came to Lacey.  Beyond her expertise in women’s health and hormones, Lacey

     is just a kind person and cares deeply about all of her clients.  Lacey has helped me build up my metabolism AND confidence to where I can continue my journey by self but I will always consider Lacey a friend. 😊

    Anna Whitlow

    Before working with Lacey I tended to have an all or nothing mindset when it came to food. Not only did Lacey help me learn to track macros she helped me slowly increase my calories! I couldn’t believe how much I was eating and that I wasn’t depriving myself of my favorite things! Somehow I was looking leaner too! Lacey’s positive attitude, encouraging words and knowledge helped me grow mentally and feel successful. 

    Little did we know we would have an obstacle coming our way! After coming off birth control I was expecting to get a regular period. Unfortunately, that was not the case. After months of not getting a period Lacey’s recommended a Dutch test. After getting my results we worked together to figure out what steps to take next. Lacey helped me find a supplement regimen that would benefit my specific needs and gave me the knowledge that I needed to heal my body. Within just a few months I had a period and felt the best that I ever have. So many odd symptoms that I had just learned to live with were gone! I could think more clearly, I woke up easier and my body felt like it was functioning optimally. I’m forever grateful for both the physical and mental changes I’ve experienced because Lacey truely changed my life for the better!

    Kathryn Boosz

    Lacey was the best coach I could have picked for my first ever competition! I had researched coaches for a while before I found her, but I always went back to her. When I had first started with her, my metabolism was messed up! She knew exactly how to reverse me, so for my prep my metabolism was on fire! She coaches her clients in the healthiest way possible as she cares so much. It is so easy to trust Lacey completely as she always has her clients best interests in mind. She isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and I love that. I have been with her since 2017 now and I couldn’t recommend anyone more than her! 

    Laura Cole

    Taking the first step and messaging Lacey regarding coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Immediately she made me feel comfortable, taught me, encouraged me, and pushed me to be better. There are very few coaches who could see the competitor on the right from the photo on the left and her confidence in me never wavered.

    Together we got my physique from point A to point B but the most impressive transformation happened behind the scenes. All the education, adjustments, and even the accidental lessons have helped shape my overall healthy lifestyle and none of it would have happened without Lacey!

    Janey Bloom

    Ive worked with lacey for 3 months for nutrition coaching. I was suffering with severe acid reflux, bloating, constipation and eczema. Ive seeker medical advice a few months prior to reaching out and was advised to take reflux suppressions which i knew did not treat the main cause of the reflux. I stumbled across Lacey’s page and decided to reach out. It was the perfect time as quarantine had just started and i was able to focus on my health and nutrition 100%. Along with receiving personalized macros, i was also advised on what to have and what to avoid, which helped relieve my constipation and decrease my reflux. A month in, i started developing eczema on my wrist, which i knew i didnt want to treat with topical steroids. Although it took a long time to commit to eliminating certain food groups from my diet and patience, it was all worth it seeing my eczema heal by focusing on my nutrition. As a result of focusing on my macros, i also noticed muscle gains as i have previously under eaten protein and restricted my calories. Additionally, ive found that my macros supported my training in all aspects as well as the results from my training. Overall, reaching out to lacey was very beneficial to both my health, strength and appearance. 

    I cant thank you enough Lacey!!!! Ill be back in the future😍!


    I finally found someone who cared to hear me as a person, not just a list of symptoms, who looked beyond the surface and helped me get to the root cause of why I have been feeling the way I have. It’s hard and scary to start change, but investing in this journey with Lacey was the best decision. She changed my life, health and my perspective on how to take care of my body. Her kindness, her support, and compassion is unmatched to anyone I have met. If I could give any advice to anyone who may be struggling with their thyroid, hormones, nutrition – this is your sign, Lacey will help you each step of the way towards healing. 


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