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Why Yes!

Functional Nutrition Coaching to Reclaim Your Health

thinking of working With Me?

That makes my heart so happy! You deserve to take back control of your health.

I can’t wait to be a part of your life! Seriously, helping people take their health back, transforming their lives, and making their dreams become reality are amongst my favorites things in the whole entire world!

Picture This:

  • You feel your absolute best and no longer suffer with chronic fatigue or pain.
  • You enjoy the foods you love without gas, bloating, or fear. (Hello pancakes anyone?)
  • You finally have a normal menstrual cycle without pain or crippling PMS. Bonus points for getting pregnant (my clients call me the stork!)
  • You have a personal cheerleader and friend to empower you, hold you accountable for your goals, & celebrate your wins.
  • You can finally quit the cycle of fad and yo-yo dieting and learn what your body needs to eat to thrive & look your best.
  • You have your energy back to do the things you love.

You in? I hope so! Your health is invaluable and so is your happiness. That’s why I am dedicated to helping you identify the root cause of your symptoms, healing your body, and kicking your crippling symptoms to the curb- so that you can begin feeling like YOU again. It’s time to say ‘YES’ to yourself!


Basic Nutrition Coaching:

This is for you ladies & gents that have your health on track, & just need some help making your fitness or physique goals happen! Get the same quality of coaching, education, & knowledge, just without the detailed health analysis (note you may always upgrade for it!). All basic coaching follows a flexible dieting based approach (aka we track macros here!)

My basic coaching is for: fat loss, muscle gain, body recomposition, bodybuilding contest prep, or fitness goals (no hormone, digestive, adrenal, or health issues will be addressed with this coaching).

  • Includes comprehensive assessment of your history, health status, & goals with an individualized plan to help you conquer them & achieve your best self!
  • Weekly email only check ins to provide you with the accountability, support, & encouragement you need to stay on track & adjust your plan when needed.
  • Investment- $250 month to month; $200/month when paid 3 months upfront, $170/month when paid 6 months upfront, $150/month when paid 12 months upfront
  • Add custom workout & training plans for an additional $100

Premium Nutrition Coaching:

This is the full she-bang. Get the highest level of support with my premium coaching! This is for you if you need help with your hormones, thyroid, digestion, or just want to pick my brain on a weekly basis!

  • Includes comprehensive 45 min assessment of your health history, assessment of labs (with specialty functional labs being ordered as and if needed), a deep dive into your potential root causes, & individualized treatment plan to uproot & eliminate the demons holding you back from truly thriving!
  • Weekly check ins calls for 20- 30 min to not only ensure you are taking steps forward to feel your best, but also provide you with the tools, knowledge, & skills to be the queen (or king!) of your own body for the rest of your life! Check ins are based on your time commitment in your package. There are 4 total check in calls per month. 
  • Custom biweekly meal plan- formulated with your favorite foods & preferences
  • 1 Custom workout plan
  • Access to my exclusive clinician only supplement dispensary with 20% off retail value
  • Investment- $600 month to month; $550/month when paid 3 months upfront ($1650 for 3 months), $500/month when paid 4 months upfront ($2000 for 4 months)

Ultimate Health Healing Package

-Two functional medicine tests of choice included (example- GI map, DUTCH complete, Mycotoxin Urine, Heavy Metals- learn more here); Additional bloodwork may be added & ordered at discounted rates using Vibrant America- location checks here

-3 hourly virtual sessions included

-Complete breakdown of your labs & tests with custom healing protocol

-Personalized, scientifically backed healing protocols including diet, lifestyle, and supplementation suggestions based on your symptoms, history, struggles, and labs

Access to my exclusive clinician only supplement dispensary with 20% off retail value

-Educational handouts & materials to help increase your confidence & knowledge

-Available to US and Canada only

Investment all inclusive: $2499 (add ons of additional functional labs available)

Phone Consults

Need a one time session to discuss your health and wellness goals or interpret lab or functional medicine test results? Want help with your hormones, thyroid, or gut health? Or just want to pick my nerdy brain? I’m here! This is a great option for many that may also not be able to afford my premium coaching or don’t need continued accountability. Investment: $325 for 1 hour initial calls & first time clients; $300 for follow up hourly consults or previous clients, $210 for 45 min, $155 for 30 min, $75 for 15 min follow ups. If paid through venmo- $10 is deducated from all service fees.

These sessions (except 15 min follow ups) can be used to cover conventional lab tests – Check my functional lab test offerings here.

  • Includes a 60 min comprehensive medical assessment with a custom tailored treatment plan
  • Recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you feel your best and reach your goals
  • Access to my exclusive clinician only supplement dispensary with 20% off retail value
  • Exclusive handouts formulated for your needs
  • One functional medicine lab review included per consult- an additional $50 fee is applied for each additional. (Example- 1 GI map or DUTCH may be covered & reviewed in an hour session)

Please ensure to read all policies in the booking site!

Communication & Message Policy

UpliftFit Nutrition and Lacey Dunn will respond to emergency questions or communications via messenger that are “yes or no” in nature for everyone. To keep all questions/comments/concerns together, all questions or concerns should be addressed during check in or folow up calls. Lacey and UpliftFit Nutrition does not reply to any emails or communications Friday-Sundays. Business hours are 9-4 EST Monday-Thurs. Messaging is for quick questions that are not a “yes” or “no”- all other questions requiring in depth answers or a chart/lab review require a phone call or my message package.

Questions between sessions for non-premium clients may be addressed through 15 or 30 min phone consults.

Message Policy Update August 2023:

All current premium clients may message me as normal during my work hours from 9-4 EST Monday-Thursday- questions are allowed to be more than “yes or no” in nature. If a detailed response is needed, the answer will be addressed on the next phone check in.

Consult calls or past clients- messages that require a “yes or no” question may be answered for free. Any further questions or concerns, regardless of the situation, will require either a 15 min check in call, or an upgrade to my new message package.

New Message package:

-Access to me for questions for $30 per month throughout the week Monday- Thurs during work hours. These questions do not allow for labs or test interpretation. As always, that requires a phone consultation. For those that want to extend from their phone calls to use my basic coaching packages, this is also allowed for questions and lab follow ups. See pricing above!

(Lab results require 30 min or 45 min calls) 

    I finally found someone who cared to hear me as a person, not just a list of symptoms, who looked beyond the surface and helped me get to the root cause of why I have been feeling the way I have. It’s hard and scary to start change, but investing in this journey with Lacey was the best decision. She changed my life, health and my perspective on how to take care of my body. Her kindness, her support, and compassion is unmatched to anyone I have met. If I could give any advice to anyone who may be struggling with their thyroid, hormones, nutrition – this is your sign, Lacey will help you each step of the way towards healing. 


    I have been working with Lacey for over two years now for bikini contest prep and reverse, but I have a new found appreciation for her wealth of knowledge after 2020 hit. I found myself quarantined and having to support my 3 kids during distance learning (one of which has Autism) AND learn how to convert the American Sign Language courses that I teach at a local college to online format…AND I also had my sister and two young nieces living with us who also were stuck at home doing distance learning. Add of these stressors up and I found myself an exhausted, anxious, wreck who had zero energy, and couldn’t sleep, and had awful muscle recovery after struggling through workouts which I used to LOVE!! Lacey advised me to gets some labs done to check for a thyroid issue and she recommended we check my cortisol levels with the Dutch test. Turns out my prolonged stress levels, lack of sleep, and over training caused my cortisol awakening response to be critically low. Which would explain all of my symptoms and why I couldn’t keep my eyes open by 2pm every day and walked around constantly feeling overwhelmed.

    She quickly recommended an all natural regimen of happy light therapy, gargling, yoga, reduced workouts, prioritizing rest, and some supplements to nurture my hormones and cortisol. After several months of healing, and focusing on managing my stress, I am finally feeling my energy levels return for my day-to-day tasks and my motivation for strength training has returned. My lifts have been strong and my muscle recovery is good again which has improved my quality of sleep. Feeling like “myself” again is the biggest win I could have asked for this new year. Lacey’s attention to detail and natural approach has helped me heal and I know with her support and coaching, I will be able to unlock my greatest potential this year!! 

    Candice Rhea

    Ive worked with lacey for 3 months for nutrition coaching. I was suffering with severe acid reflux, bloating, constipation and eczema. Ive seeker medical advice a few months prior to reaching out and was advised to take reflux suppressions which i knew did not treat the main cause of the reflux. I stumbled across Lacey’s page and decided to reach out. It was the perfect time as quarantine had just started and i was able to focus on my health and nutrition 100%. Along with receiving personalized macros, i was also advised on what to have and what to avoid, which helped relieve my constipation and decrease my reflux. A month in, i started developing eczema on my wrist, which i knew i didnt want to treat with topical steroids. Although it took a long time to commit to eliminating certain food groups from my diet and patience, it was all worth it seeing my eczema heal by focusing on my nutrition. As a result of focusing on my macros, i also noticed muscle gains as i have previously under eaten protein and restricted my calories. Additionally, ive found that my macros supported my training in all aspects as well as the results from my training. Overall, reaching out to lacey was very beneficial to both my health, strength and appearance. 

    I cant thank you enough Lacey!!!! Ill be back in the future?!


    I started working with Lacey after unintentionally losing quite a bit of weight in a short period of time. I was suffering from chronic bloating and digestive distress, and was struggling to maintain my weight and gain muscle. After working with a gastroenterologist for several months who was unable to find a reason for my symptoms, I knew that I needed to find someone who would investigate the root cause of the issue and consider my overall health.
    When I joined Lacey’s team, we immediately set a game plan to test my gut health while starting to give my body the fuel that it needed to grow. After working with Lacey for the past six months, I have been able to put on a good amount of muscle mass, especially in my glutes, shoulders, back, and hamstrings. I have been amazed to find myself growing muscles that I never even knew existed before. Although my initial goal was not a reverse diet, Lacey was able to help me slowly increase my calories to where I was maintaining my weight at a much higher intake than when I started!

    Lacey is knowledgeable about SO many different areas, and was able to answer questions I had about all things fitness, nutrition, digestive and hormonal health. She never gave up on trying to address my digestive distress, and considered my own personal needs when suggesting how to adjust my diet and lifestyle to help me optimize my health. Lacey is incredibly sweet and compassionate, and it is evident that she truly cares about doing what is in the best interest of her clients. I am so grateful for what Lacey was able to do for me, not only physically, but also mentally by giving me a passion for being happy, healthy, and strong!

    Grace P.

    When I started working with Lacey, I had already been to my GI doctor who was uninterested in getting to the root of my worsening digestive issues. He wanted to just put me on medication to treat the symptoms. I knew something was not right, but didn’t know how to figure that out and didn’t want to start over with another GI doctor just to possibly end up in the same situation.

    Lacey listened to all of my complaints, suggested testing and the rest is history. We discovered some issues that are treatable and also determined dietary changes were needed. I am now a few months in and have no more unbearable daily bloating and stomach pain and my brain fog is completely gone. In addition, I have lost 13 pounds. Thanks to Lacey, I have all of the support I need including email, private Facebook page, weekly check-in calls, easy supplement ordering, and meal and exercise plans. I have just renewed my monthly premium plan and am so excited to keep working for my health!

    Tina L

    Prior to working with Lacey, I was struggling with strength and really wanting to build my muscles. With her help, I have been able to fuel my body to gain muscles in my arms, glutes, and legs! She also helped me with supplements specific to me based on lab results and I feel so much better. My brain is less foggy, I’m less lethargic, and overall, I’m just really excited that with her assistance, I have been able to take back control of my health. She is so positive and encouraging and real with her coaching. She makes me feel like I can achieve my goals without resulting in the desperate quick tricks I would try in the past. I’m so glad I found Lacey, and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking help in their health or in their physique or both. 

    Catherine Register

    Lacey was the best coach I could have picked for my first ever competition! I had researched coaches for a while before I found her, but I always went back to her. When I had first started with her, my metabolism was messed up! She knew exactly how to reverse me, so for my prep my metabolism was on fire! She coaches her clients in the healthiest way possible as she cares so much. It is so easy to trust Lacey completely as she always has her clients best interests in mind. She isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and I love that. I have been with her since 2017 now and I couldn’t recommend anyone more than her! 

    Laura Cole

    I got the opportunity to work with Lacey for 12 weeks when I won the sponsored athlete position and I have got to say that I am so thankful I applied for that! It has been a joy working with Lacey. She is someone who I would hire as a coach! She was always there for me 110% even when I asked silly questions. Her workouts are amazing omg!! I am not one to usually sweat during my workouts except when I do cardio but during every workout of hers I was sweating so much. It was amazing! haha I also learned so much from working with Lacey and have built better habits. She also sent me a macro hack document when we first started which was super helpful! Her background and education is something that sets her apart from other coaches. She knows her stuff! Another thing I loved about Lacey is that she didn’t just focus on my workouts and macros every time I checked in, she truly wants to know how your week went and how life is going. She cares so much! If you ever need extra guidance or would like to hire a coach, Lacey is your go to gal!! Thank you for everything Lacey! 

    Kira S

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