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Theresa- Metabolic Dysfunction

October 14, 2019

Theresa- Metabolic Dysfunction

“I began working with Lacey in July of 2018 after following her on Instagram and getting recommendations from other people in the fitness industry that she was the best of the best. And boy were they not wrong! I had just began my weight loss/fitness journey and lost about 25lbs on my own through counting macros/calories and exercise. A lifelong dream of mine has always been to step on a stage as a bikini competitor, and show off a body I worked so extremely hard for but to be honest I didn’t know where to begin. That’s where Lacey came in! Right from the start I knew I picked the right coach because she wasn’t so worried about me dropping a bunch of weight, starving me and doing a ton of cardio to get me where I wanted to be. Her weekly check-ins were not just a ‘tell me your weight and here’s your new macros/meal plan’. She took the time to learn how my body reacts/works, what areas we need improve, she wanted to know how my week was, what’s going on in my life day to day, to make sure I was in the best shape mentally AND physically before starting to prep for a show. As time went on working with her, calories/macros were going UP and weight was slowly going DOWN and I felt AMAZING! But I had some hidden demons that started to come out..and I realized that prep/competing just wasn’t in the cards for me at that time. I stopped working with Lacey for a couple months after feeling super defeated and then came back Feb of 2019 with a new goal of getting my mental health and physical health back on track! And that’s just what we did! I went from being the girl that was terrified to eat out, would have binge eating episodes constantly, was depressed and hated my body, and HATED THE SCALE..to someone who enjoys life, isn’t afraid to go out with family and friends, doesn’t focus on the number on the scale and better yet hasn’t had a binge eating episode in months! All because Lacey helped me push through the tough times with encouraging words, helped me realize my worth is much more than a number on the scale, and showed me that this journey really is a lifestyle and you can have a body you love and still love life! We haven’t lost sight of my dream of stepping on that bikini stage, it’ll happen soon, but right now with Lacey’s help I am loving this healthy life!”

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