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Shae- Fat Loss

August 11, 2019

Shae- Fat Loss

“I started with Lacey end of March 2019 to get control of my nutritional health. I had lost 50 lbs on my own over the past couple years doing “low carb” and just basically not eating enough. I was always tired, hungry, and constantly getting sick. I went on vacation for spring break and gained 8 lbs not even going crazy, but being “normal”. I knew something had to change and eating under 50 carbs a day wasn’t realistic! 17 weeks later I am down another 10lbs but have so much more muscle! I used to struggle with hormone issues, thyroid, and anemia. After having blood tests done, I have totally turned myself around just eating healthy and making my body the healthiest it can be. I’m eating well over 180g carbs a day and loving them! I’m slowing getting a better relationship with food and I am so thankful for the support, knowledge, and help Lacey has given me. She’s a beautiful soul inside and out and I am forever grateful for her changing my life!”

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