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September 2018 Challenge Workout Testimonials

June 20, 2019

September 2018 Challenge Workout Testimonials

“I have been lifting for the past 7 years and nothing has given me a burn like Lacey’s challenge workouts! Other programs are very hard to understand or are only geared toward a specific level. Lacey’s workouts are easy to understand for any level of fitness and will push you past your limits. She explains her plan in detail how to best execute her plan. Not only is Lacey an inspirational coach, she also motivates her clients and truly sets them up for success. Although I am loving the physical changes from the challenge I appreciate the mental gains even more. I am falling back in love with the gym again and looking forward to my workouts. Thank you Lacey <3”

“I started off this challenge very skeptical because I am someone who sticks to a very basic workout plan and rep range. Sets with more than 12 reps were not done. Ever!  I had been trying to cut for MONTHS previously, and my weight didn’t budge. I started this workout program and immediately lost 4 pounds. I’ve been able to maintain it all month also. My body was stressed and inflamed. My motivation was slowly fading. This challenge worked for me! I NEVER would have stepped out of my comfort zone like this if it weren’t for Lacey. My motivation to hit the gym is back and I feel the most energized I have in a long time. I also want to point out that I previously lifted 6 days a week. If I missed a day, I stressed it and felt “guilty.” This challenge made day 6 optional. So the one week that I could only make it to the gym five days instead of six didn’t make me feel like I was going off of the plan. The psychology behind the plan is brilliant. I am so thankful that Lacey provided this program for us. I won’t be scared to step out of the box again. Thank you!”

“When i first started the challenge workouts i read through the program and my initial thought was..”i dont know how to do ANY of these workouts” and “what have i gotten myself into” haha. Day 1 (lets be honest week 1) i was on youtube at the gym watching videos on perfect form for each workout. I was so excited to have a new program, new workout splits, and to really challenge myself. It took the first full week, and a little longer gym sessions, to find the right weight and correct my form on alot of the workouts! i also go to a small gym that doesnt have the extensive equiptment that most gyms have. Thats ZERO excuse though because i found ways to modify the workouts and still get the same burn! (Again thanks youtube!) I 100% still at week 4 feel challenged with each workout, and the best part..ive gone up slightly in weights with each week! And boy is that an AMAZING feeling! The workouts deff put me out of my comfort zone at the gym and i was a little scared at first. But looking back, man does 4 weeks fly by, and ive noticed so many amazing changes in my body, not just physically on the outside but on the inside too! This challenge is exactly what i needed to get out of my rut, to help push me one step further, and really just continue to fall in love with this lifestyle more and more! My mind is set on getting on that stage soon, and i cant wait to continue to push myself and see what i can do!!”

“Joining your challenge was the best decision I made! Joining a community of people who share my same passion/goals really inspired me this whole month and I truly believed this was the reason I was able to stick with the challenge! The workouts were AMAZING. They were both challenging and fun and they helped me push myself. The best part was, when leaving the gym, I felt so energized and empowered. I struggle with depression so the workouts really helped boost my mood. I also loved the fact that you shared a ton of resources related to fitness and nutrition in the challenge so that not only were we following a plan, but we were learning at the same time. Loved that!”

“I have enjoyed the challenge workouts so much! These workouts were not easy and encouraged me to work hard so that I wasn’t slacking in the gym. I enjoyed that they were very challenging but I was always able to complete them in a timely manner so that I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym to see results. I also really liked the extra ploy day that was optional because going to the gym six days a week can certainly be time consuming but the ploy day had me sweating in no time. It took me between 30-40 minutes so it was great for me to do on a day I was feeling short on time. I loved the motivation of the other girls in the Facebook group because on days I was not feeling very motivated I could look in that group and see how hard everyone else was working. Overall these workouts were awesome and I will be continuing them for sure!!”

“During this challenge, I have made significant progress including strength and mentally. It has helped me with the process of switching my mentality from being “skinny” to being proud of the strength that I gain each week. The workouts are KILLER. They were fun, and I looked forward to them each week. I enjoyed the optional 6th day as well which gave me an opportunity to get in some plyos outside in the pretty fall weather. Great challenge and great workouts!!! Lacey, you rock.”

“First, working with Lacey as a coach is amazing.  She always listens and incorporates feedback to ensure that you are able to achieve the plan and reach your goals. With this September challenge, I was pushed in the gym in new ways. The workouts at easy to follow and leave me feeling like I felt my all in the gym without leaving me feeling burnt out. Through this month, I have seen new muscles on myself that I have never seen before.  I have never been so happy while in prep and on a plan. Finally, I like the focus on warm ups and recovery as well. She notes them in the plan to ensure you stay on top of them so you continue to feel your best and be able to kill it during your workout.”

“I absolutely loved the challenge. I’ve often found myself bored or unmotivated when doing a workout program for more than a few weeks but the workouts in this challenge honestly pushed and motivated me more than any other program I’ve done to date (and I’ve done a lot from various coaches/online programs!). I found myself excited to workout because I knew that not only would I get an a$$-kicking every time, I never found the workouts to get easier. I knew I would have to push myself every time to complete them and my body never grew complacent or accustomed to what I was doing.  The variance and exercises were expertly and intelligently designed to cause fatigue and results in a way that was both physically and emotionally rewarding. I felt myself getting stronger every workout and always left feeling accomplished and satisfied. Any negative thoughts, stress or doubts that I had walking into the gym soon disappeared because I was one hundred percent focused and committed to the challenge in front of me. I’ve been hard pressed to find another workout program that has left me feeling the way this one has and for that, I’m incredibly grateful to Lacey to have designed this program and offered it to her clients.”

“I honestly benefited so much from structured workouts. Appropriate workouts for the muscle groups I would be working out.  Before I would fluff around and have no game plan on my own. I hit new PRs in the gym and really pushed myself. I wasn’t shy or scared to pick up more weight, following the plan.  I realized I can push a lot harder then I was and I can give more. I saw much better results following a program that made sense like what was I lifting with what before this happened didn’t even make sense. I had SICK pumps in the gym, never had those so much and consistent before. Dang though having a plan has helped me so much mentally going through a workout too. The mind to muscle connection was there. I thrives on it. Being apart of the Uplift group with all the ladies… that support system, that accountability, being there for each other, etc etc was and IS awesome. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the group and work with you. Watching the other girls talk about stuff like their lives workouts and nutrition is motivating. You, Lacey motivate me so much like you are such a great coach, person, and always lift ppl up. You’re always doing more giving more. You work hard and it’s baller. Growth mentally definitely happened through this challenge. Sorry if I just got side tracked?? Lolol learned a lot through this challenge like little things that added up. Honestly didn’t expect that at all. You made/had all the tools for myself and other challengers to be successful in this whole thing. So if anyone didn’t progress in one way or another that was on them. Weight gains or not I have benefited and enjoyed the challenge. 10/10 do another one. It was well put together, structured, and fair. To sum up how I feel about the challenge.. there it is. ”

“Being in this fitness challenge has been so rewarding for me. I was in a funk and this really helped me snap out of it. It gave me something to look forward to. Also, I initially joined because I am super competitive and love a challenge (which Lacey always gives me), but throughout the month my reason for being in the challenge changed. I am a mother of three beautiful girls and a wife to an amazing husband. I have a fulltime job in addition to being a chef, chauffeur, cheerleader, housekeeper, or whatever else my family needs. I feel like I wear many hats which I love. But, for one hour a day, I can put my head phones in and just be me. I can clear my head and just focus on one more rep. Lacey’s fitness challenge gave me the drive to make sure I made time for myself which in turn makes me a better mom and wife. ”

“What was more rewarding than the physical changes I saw throughout the month was the women posting positive messages and lifting each other up. It really inspired me because I felt a part of something bigger. It became less about winning and more about helping others. More importantly, I saw other busy moms, students, wives- making time for themselves. Making time to better themselves. These were women just like me in a lot of ways pushing through and sharing their journey. How awesome is that!! Women building up other women. I seriously loved seeing a Facebook notification that someone posted in our group. ”

“The challenge itself was NOT easy. The first day I was drenched in sweat and wasn’t sure I could finish the last rep. Whenever I felt like this, I would close my eyes and think “what would Lacey do?”. Then, I would gather up enough strength to finish the set PLUS one. It is amazing the strength you have if you believe in yourself and your abilities.”

“Today, I feel physically stronger than day one. Today, I feel mentally stronger than day one. I can’t wait for Lacey to come up with her next challenge. This will be the third fitness program that I have followed from Lacey- and I must say they keep getting better and better. Thank you so much for offering this program to all of us. Win or lose- I feel fortunate to have been a part of this challenge group. Thanks for kicking my behind Lacey! I loved every minute of it.”

“I worked with Lacey last year as my coach, took a break and got back to it with her in September. It turns out I picked the absolute best time to get back to it as I’ve recently had the pleasure of participating in her “September challenge”. This challenge was just that, a challenge, but a very welcome one! The workouts pushed me harder than I’ve pushed myself in a long time, they were easy to follow and I could easily track my progress and Lacey was there to help with any questions along the way. I in fact liked the challenge workouts so much, that I plan to continue doing them for 2-3 more weeks. While it is always nice to make physical progress (and believe me, I did), this challenge provided me with more mental progress than anything. I realized that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for and my mind set towards nutrition and exercise is finally where I want it to be. I care more about how I feel and less about how I look, but after this challenge honestly, I look good and I feel even better. I am forever grateful to Lacey for providing such an easy to follow and seriously effective challenge. After not feeling like myself for a few months, I can truly say that I am back to my normal self and have even improved. I would highly recommend Lacey as a coach and this challenge to anyone who wants to push themselves but is willing to put in the work!”

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