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Rachel- Contest Prep

July 23, 2019

Rachel- Contest Prep

“Recently I stepped on stage for my first NPC bikini competition. I’d been working with Lacey for 19 weeks & she helped me to take home 5th place in open! She was there for me every step of the way even showing up the day of the competition to support me & scream “we can’t see your number” from the crowd. Most importantly she kept my health as the priority through it all. The day before I was drinking a gallon and a half of water, and when you look into competing that’s something unheard of. I would not have been able to place top 5 if it wasn’t for her guidance and expertise. I’m so happy with the results from my first competition & look forward to the next steps in my fitness journey. Also shouts out to the Uplift Fit Facebook group because it is filled with uplifting women who share amazing ideas & experiences that helped keep me going! Don’t forget to keep pushing yourself even when the going gets tough.”

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