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May 22, 2019


“The gains here go beyond these pictures. When I started with Lacey I was fighting a bad case of depression, I spent my days crying while sitting on my sofa, paralyzed and dreamless. This was affecting my devoted family who covered me in prayers daily. Along came Lacey and turned it all around, a strong Christian which was one of the reasons I wanted to work with her. Very knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and with a great record of success in helping people have better relationship with food and their bodies. I think we’ve been working together a little over a year.In the time we’ve been together I gathered strength and became a personal trainer, now a Master Trainer, I am currently prepping for two certifications both on nutrition and going back to college to become a Registered Dietitian. AN UPLIFT TEAM RD that is! I still get hit by depression but I now have better tools to tackle it … Jesus of course but also good nutrition, good supplements that work for me, and great training and of course who prescribed all of the above is Lacey. I believe Jesus works all things for good and Lacey is definitely part of the much good the Lord has given me to endure a difficult season. I could write many pages about all Lacey has done for my health but let’s start here and say more as we go. I look forward to many years together.”

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