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Elizabeth- Contest Prep

June 26, 2019

Elizabeth- Contest Prep

“When I turned 35 I decided it was time to make myself a priority once again. The previous 6 years had belonged to my children between pregnancy and  surviving the newborn and toddler stage. I was always intrigued by the idea of competing and thought if not now, when? I embarked on my first competition prep about a year ago, preparing for an October show. I was never sure what I could or should eat, or what was “off limits.” I made it to the stage, was proud of my accomplishments, but knew if I did this again I needed some additional nutritional guidance. Cue: Lacey Dunn. I reached out to Lacey for nutrition coaching and she exceeded my expectations. Through this process, I learned how to weigh, measure, track, and that nothing is really ‘off limits.’ I learned the importance of micros and not just macros, I learned that although bodybuilding is extreme, there are still ways to prep while staying healthy. Lacey, the Uplift Fit girls, and this process has been incredible. As I reverse, I’m looking forward to having some flexibility back in my diet, while continuing to stick to my macros through whole, nutrient dense foods. Although I’m not sure when and if life will take me back to the stage, I know who I’ll trust to make sure I’m doing it the right way.”

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