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Ange- Body Recomposition

July 11, 2019

Ange- Body Recomposition

“When I met Lacey I was lost. I was reading blog after blog, social media post after social mediapost about Keto, Skinny Teas & trending diets and in a horrible state of mind with my body image. I was eating no carbs/low carbs, doing a ton of cardio but wait…. was gaining weight? How was this possible!? I didn’t know where to turn until I stumbled upon Lacey’s page, saw her credentials as an RD AND fitness coach (very uncommon together in the fitness industry!!!) I knew this was my girl. Fast forward 8 months later and I have learned SO much. I have learned in these 8 months what I need to fuel my body, how much we NEED carbs for energy to make our eating sustainable, and how cardio is the last piece of the fitness puzzle. I have the best body image & state of mind now. I have gone off some medications for anxiety and have the best relationship with food I have had in years. My chiro says my posture has improved. I just want everyone to know how amazing Lacey is!”

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