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Uplift Fit Retreat

May 30, 2019

Uplift Fit Retreat

On May 17-19, Lacey and nine Uplift Fit clients took on Charleston, SC! We explored King Street, completed an epic workout, strutted through a photoshoot, relaxed on a water taxi, strolled along the beach, and ate a lotttttt of rice cakes. Laughter and joy filled the air the entire weekend as we shared our stories and encouraged one another. Though we all have different experiences and goals, coming together as a team was one of the most beautiful experiences. Here’s what some of the ladies have to say about our fun weekend!

“I can’t thank Lacey enough for bringing us together!  Getting to know Lacey better in person helps me feel and hear and understand everything behind what she does and every check in response she sends even better than before; the genuine care for me and my well being and my health (for all of us in that way!), the giant heart behind being proud and giving tough love, and the big nerdy brain behind everything she’s passionate about.  Truly this has been a unique and overwhelmingly enjoyable experience for me.  Working out together as a team was a major highlight.  It is so clear that every single one us pushes and works so hard in the gym!” 



“I don’t have a lot of friends who are into fitness the way I am but I knew from the moment I arrived at the Uplift Fit retreat and saw all the food scales and rice cakes that I had found my people. I left this retreat feeling motivated, supported, and encouraged with a whole bunch of new friends!”



“This was such an amazing weekend getting to meet Lacey and some of the amazing teammates I have. It was so much fun getting to bond with people who have the same interests as me, because being a college student not many people enjoy tracking macros and working out. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and having a few days to fit in with people instead of being the odd man out!”



“I had a great time meeting everyone in person and so thankful for the opportunity to learn from Lacey and all of you ladies!  We need to have a retreat each year!  I am so exited to follow everyone’s journey!” 



“From waking up for a photo shoot to strolling the streets of Charleston, this is one of those weekends I wouldn’t trade for the world! Loved meeting all of these strong women and was so grateful to be a part of Team Uplift!”



“Being a part of the Uplift Fit Retreat weekend is one I’ll never forget! It was absolutely amazing to meet such amazing and inspiring women who are living life like me! Until we meet again my friends!”



“A weekend filled with love, laughter and sharing among like-minded, Godly women with a passion for lifting. Life-Long friendships made!”



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