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The Hormone Symphony

September 6, 2019

The Hormone Symphony

Your HPA (hypothalamic pituitary axis) connects in what can be a beautiful or disaster symphony performance with your thyroid, sex hormones, pituitary, and metabolism.

If one thing is off, it’s not uncommon for others to be off as well That’s why I always have my clients do a full blood panel, @dutchtest , cortisol testing, or stool testing We check for the root cause & assess ALL potential factors!

Common signs your hormones, thyroid, or adrenals could be off include:
-Depression or anxiety
-Muscle/joint pain
-Weight gain or weight loss unexpected
-Brain fog or poor mental clarity -Low libido
-Hair loss (or abnormal hair growth)
-Menstrual irregularities (loss, early, or late cycle)
-Bad sleep (waking up in the middle of the night or trouble falling asleep)
-Night sweats or cold intolerance
-Increased or decreased heart rate
-Bad PMS
-Poor workout recovery

It’s SO IMPORTANT to TEST don’t GUESS with hormonesDon’t just take a “hormone balancing” supplement and think you’ll be fine. You could cause more harm than good.

– If you start taking vitex and you have PCOS, vitex can further increase LH levels. If your LH is already high, this isn’t good!
-If you start taking a product with DIM to help with estrogen dominance but have poor phase 1-2 detoxification, then the DIM can’t be used to help properly detoxify the estrogen- and can make things worse (starts recirculating). Also if you take DIM and have lower estrogen levels- this can further lower estrogen, and we need estrogen for healthy hormones!
-If you take a thyroid supplement- but not sure if you have proper T4 (inactive) to T3 (active) conversion, then taking a “thyroid boosting” herb can send your reverse T3 levels sky high and create further inflammation & symptoms -If you take a cortisol suppressing supplement, but you really have low cortisol, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

TEST- DO NOT GUESSYou need to address what actual issue, not cause more We want a beautiful performance! .

Coach Lacey

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