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    Simple Stuffed Peppers (Meal Prep Idea)

    April 25, 2019

    This is a pretty basic meal, just made more fun by using peppers as a ‘bowl’.  I made up 6 of these meals in just under an hour, and they are perfect to grab for a snack or meal anytime during the day!

    Macros per pepper: 15p 23c 1f (164kcals)

    Of course, you can also just chop up the peppers and add them as a crunch factor to the standard chicken and rice tupperware bowl:



    1. Prepare Rice and Chicken as directed (I use the microwave version when trying to be efficient with time)
    2. cut tops off of peppers and remove seeds
    3. take lid off of salsa
    4. Once rice & chicken are made, place the following into each pepper:
      • 1/4cup rice
      • 2 oz chicken
      • 2 TBSP salsa

    **Keep refrigerated in tupperware until eaten!**

    Tag us if you try this (or some variation of it) so we can share your creations – #upliftyourlife @upliftfitnutrition and/or @rebekahclementson 

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