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Rebekah- Macros to Intuitive Eating

October 21, 2019

Rebekah- Macros to Intuitive Eating

Rebekah is a prime example of the importance of working WITH your metabolism, not against it and how the magic happens when you are enjoying the process! Not everyone needs to continue to cut calories in order to get leaner. Rebekah’s body is a machine- but it took adjusting to doing LESS in the gym, prioritizing workouts and mobility that she enjoys, and focusing on just enjoying her workouts to get to the physique she’s at. A huge game-changer in her physique I contribute to her focusing on what makes her happy, as well as taking away the pressure to diet! Being able to reduce that stressor allowed her to be able to instead, focus on what really fuels her heart- her running, mobility work, and time with Jesus.

Rebekah is an incredible part of Team Uplift- and anyone could benefit from her journey. Do what you love and learn to work WITH your body. Let the progress come by enjoying the present, and letting God establish your purpose.
Macros on left: 40F/200C/130P
Right: 70F/255C/130P with calorie days (not tracking strict macros)
Thankful for the trust my clients give me- that’s where the true change occurs!
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