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    Protein Popcorn Treats (like Rice crispy treats but with popcorn)

    January 21, 2020

    Protein Popcorn Treats (like rice crispy treats but with popcorn ????)
    #macros per square: 5p 7c 3f (76kcals)
    1) line a square pan with wax paper
    2) in a large bowl, place 1 oz (~3.5cups) of popcorn (I used @smartfoodpopcorn )
    3) in a separate bowl, mix together:
    – 36g (~2TBSP) of melted peanut butter (I used @jifbrand natural)
    – 2TBSP of honey
    – 45g of protein powder (I used @pescience cake pop flavor – code LACEY for discount)
    – 60g of unsweetened applesauce (1/4cup)
    4) once small bowl is mixed, add to bowl of popcorn & mix thoroughly
    5) pour batter into square pan (add toppings if you’d like- I added some chocolate syrup drizzle to these)
    6) freeze until hardened – about an hour or more
    7) slice into squares
    8) keep frozen until you eat them (they do get kind of melty after being out of the freezer for a couple hours— they still taste good but don’t hold shape)

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