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Laura- Contest Prep

June 20, 2019

Laura- Contest Prep

“I would say my prep was definitely a learning experience! My food was pretty high throughout all 17 weeks, and I never went below 120g carb. So in that retrospect, it seemed easy because I wasn’t ever too hungry besides towards the end. However, I weighed the same weight for weeks on end, which was mentally tough and exhausting. It was hard to not see my weight change and to trust. But, I never questioned and trusted Lacey completely. I think I have a great relationship with food and the overall process was so fun! I loved pushing myself in the gym and continued to grow. I actually gained a lb of muscle throughout this prep! My family and friends were very supportive, and I have to thank God for this opportunity. My goal was to compete at least once, but I definitely plan on it again. It was great pushing myself and I love the grind of this sport. It is not easy but when you’re on stage it’s so worth it and I’m so proud of what I accomplished!!”

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