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    Healthy Holiday Gift Idea

    October 28, 2019

    One thing I love doing is giving gifts that are delicious and also healthy to show that we can enjoy the holidays in a balanced way! This is a “recipe” for mini holiday cupcakes that you can either bake or put together as a gift for someone else to try!

    macros per cupcake: 3p 11c 3f (87kcals)


    1. 40grams Pamcakes mix – I used buttermilk here (use code UPLIFT for discount)
    2. 40grams coconut flour
    3. 120grams unsweetened applesauce
    4. 40grams mint chocolate m&m’s (~2tbsp)
    5. 40grams white chocolate chips (~2tbsp)

    If you’re doing the gift, put the flours into baggies and tie them, and put the candy into 2oz containers. I also added a 2oz container of frosting! The applesauce is just a regular single serving applesauce container.


    DIRECTIONS (this is also a printable card to include in your gift!)

    you can check out a video of how to assemble these here!

    Links to order additional items:

    Tag us if you try!! 🙂


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