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Alina- Hashimoto’s & Gut Healing

January 28, 2020

Alina- Hashimoto’s & Gut Healing

Below is a testimonal from one of my sweet clients, Alina, who I had the great pleasure of working with:

Hashimotos & hypothyroidism recovery

“I started working with Lacey in February of 2019. I have been living with hypothyroidism since mid 2015. After years of trying to manage my thyroid levels via thyroid pill the little progress I had slowed to a halt. I wish I could say that I am exaggerating but even on the thyroid pill I was always exhausted, extremely depressed, antisocial, I had constant brain fog, difficulty remembering things, itchy dry skin, unexplained weight gain, anxiety and high stress. In addition, I was beginning to have stomach issues such as frequent bloating, abdominal pain from a majority of the things I ate, and frequent constipation. My depression was taking a toll on me. I tried to manage my health on my own but made little progress. I also worked with a personal trainer at my gym to help get myself into shape but had few results and ended up burning out. I was losing hope and was at my wits end. 

After hitting rock bottom, I finally decided in January of 2019 to give it one last try so I reached out to Lacey hoping that she could help me. Lacey did not miss a beat and right away had me do thorough blood work to get to the root cause of my health issue (something none of my doctors cared or bothered to suggest to me). My lab work showed that my hypothyroidism stemmed from an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Lacey was very supportive and understanding. I was actively working with Lacey from February to August, sticking as close to the individualized plan she made for me. With Lacey’s vast knowledge and attention to every detail, she broke me out of my unhealthy relationship with food, I slowly began having energy to get through the day, my stomach issues ceased, I lost 23 lb from my starting weight of 148 lb (I am only 5’2 with a small frame), but most importantly my mentality flipped. In simplest terms, I am a renewed person and possibly the best version of myself. Looking back at where I started from I couldn’t be more grateful to Lacey and to God for helping me find a way out of the hopeless and helpless state I was in. Lacey is seriously the best coach ever and is beyond capable of helping anyone reach their goals. My one regret is that I wish I had turned to her sooner.”

Thank you Lacey so much! <3<3<3



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