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    Easy Gluten Free Breakfast Idea

    June 20, 2019

    This post workout meal or breakfast is really quick to prep for the week, travels easily, and keeps well in the fridge for 6-7days!

    You can always adjust the amounts of the foods to fit your macros, but the macros for this particular breakfast are: 36p 42c 25f (526kcal) .

    It includes :

    • an apple,
    • 2 TBSP of honey peanut butter (I got the pre-portioned Justin’s packets at the store),
    • 1 egg,
    • and a mini vanilla buttermilk protein bread (flavor can be changed!) — recipe below

    Protein Bread Recipe:

    1. Preheat oven to 350F and grease a mini-loaf pan (or you can microwave this like a mug/bowl cake if preferred.. I think it would also work in a waffle maker but havent tried yet)
    2. Mix together the following:
      • 37g (1 scoop) @pamcakespancakes  – use code UPLIFT for 10% discount
      • 15g @questnutrition Vanilla protein (or PESCIENCE protein will work)
      • Enough water to make the batter like a pudding texture
    3. Bake for 15-20 minutes until done


    Tag us if you try!  @upliftfitnutrition #upliftyourlife  @rebekahclementson


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