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    Easy 1-Minute Halloween Mug Cake

    October 28, 2019

    Macros: 18p 21c 3f (189kcals)

    Note: It’s only a “Halloween” theme because of the sprinkles so the theme is customizable based on the holiday/toppings you choose!

    **You can sub out the sugar free jello pudding for any yogurt you’d like (I used about 55grams in the batter), then the rest (about 35grams) as the icing.
    ** you can use 30grams of liquid egg whites in place of the large egg white
    ** coconut flour cannot really be substituted, but you could try using another flour – you may have to double the amount though (like use 1/4cup versus 2tbsp)
    ** for the protein powder, I used @pescience which is a whey/casein blend (code LACEY for discount). If you sub in a whey isolate, you may need to add more. A vegan powder should sub in easily with the same amount.
    ** toppings can be altered! (Also toppings are not included in the macros listed on the photo)
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