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May 11, 2019



“These are my 1 year transformation photos- I started training for Spartan Races at a Training Center in February of 2018. Shortly after I started getting consistent with my workouts, the owner/trainer of the gym asked me if I would consider being a part of the first bikini competition team from our Training Center. I really had no idea what I was getting into, but my husband encouraged me to embrace the challenge…so I did it. I competed for the 1st time in Oct. of 2018 and took 1st in my division! I discovered I am 100% capable rising to any challenges and I truly enjoyed competing! I had a rough time after my 2nd competition and reached out to UpliftFit coach, Lacey Dunn for guidance with learning how to reverse and prep diet in a healthier more balanced way. So then next time I stepped on stage in April of 2019, I took the overall title and won my pro- card! If this working mom of 3 can do it…anyone can!”

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