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Audrau- Contest Prep

January 9, 2020

Audrau- Contest Prep

“Since I was in 7th grade and could participate in athletics, I have loved working out and playing sports.  After high school, I began working at a gym where I really fell in love with lifting.  After college, I become AFAA certified and began teaching group fitness classes.  Fast forward 20 years…I was still lifting and teaching classes but it was my 18 yr.old daughter who was competing in her first bikini competition.  Watching her up on that stage gave me a burning desire to be right up there with her.  Afterwards, she kept telling me, “Mom, you could so do this!”  So I gave it a year of working hard with a full 12 week cut using the RP program.  Realizing I could cut, I decided the following year I would compete.

I hired a local trainer to help me with my workouts.  He wasn’t capable with helping me with my diet, but I figured I could handle that.  After about three months I dropped him.  He was so negative.  Telling me often he just didn’t think I had what it took to compete or could get my body ready in six months.

So on to coach number two.  A close friend recommend her friend from Kansas that trained many bikini competitors online.  I was super excited and jumped right in.  Little did I know, my “personal” plan was the exact same as everyone else’s.  Her workouts were good but her cardio was excessive and the macros very low.  I was feeling lethargic and foggy all the time.  Towards the end, I was doing over an hour of cardio a day and eating 900-1100 calories.  She became less and less involved in my training, stopped answering my questions, and the week of my show went ghost.  I didn’t even hear from her until after my show.  Two months later, I had to have my gall bladder removed because it simply stopped working.  I attribute it to the plan I was on.

While I was healing from surgery, I began researching coaches.  I had been a follower of Lacey’s for a while and had always admired her.  I reached out to her and she responded immediately.  She had lots of questions for me which surprised me.  No one had ever asked what I wanted from a coach or what my expectations were.  I knew I had finally found my forever coach!  Not only has Lacey whipped my body into the best shape it has ever been in, she has also changed my way of thinking and responding to things.  I look at food so differently than before.  I finally have a healthy relationship with food and no longer punish my body when I feel I’ve overeaten or gone off track.  She has also helped immensely with my hormone issues.  If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she doesn’t stop until she figures it out or leads you to someone who can.  She is so encouraging and brings out the best in me.  She truly cares about her clients who eventually become friends who feel like family.  I love her more than words can say.  She is a rare find and I would recommend her to everyone.”

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