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Tina L

May 8, 2021

When I started working with Lacey, I had already been to my GI doctor who was uninterested in getting to the root of my worsening digestive issues. He wanted to just put me on medication to treat the symptoms. I knew something was not right, but didn’t know how to figure that out and didn’t want to start over with another GI doctor just to possibly end up in the same situation.

Lacey listened to all of my complaints, suggested testing and the rest is history. We discovered some issues that are treatable and also determined dietary changes were needed. I am now a few months in and have no more unbearable daily bloating and stomach pain and my brain fog is completely gone. In addition, I have lost 13 pounds. Thanks to Lacey, I have all of the support I need including email, private Facebook page, weekly check-in calls, easy supplement ordering, and meal and exercise plans. I have just renewed my monthly premium plan and am so excited to keep working for my health!

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