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Kira S

January 24, 2021

I got the opportunity to work with Lacey for 12 weeks when I won the sponsored athlete position and I have got to say that I am so thankful I applied for that! It has been a joy working with Lacey. She is someone who I would hire as a coach! She was always there for me 110% even when I asked silly questions. Her workouts are amazing omg!! I am not one to usually sweat during my workouts except when I do cardio but during every workout of hers I was sweating so much. It was amazing! haha I also learned so much from working with Lacey and have built better habits. She also sent me a macro hack document when we first started which was super helpful! Her background and education is something that sets her apart from other coaches. She knows her stuff! Another thing I loved about Lacey is that she didn’t just focus on my workouts and macros every time I checked in, she truly wants to know how your week went and how life is going. She cares so much! If you ever need extra guidance or would like to hire a coach, Lacey is your go to gal!! Thank you for everything Lacey! 

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