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Bethany P

May 8, 2021

Before working with Lacey, I had gained about 15-20 pounds after starting college. I was also engaged, and I wanted to feel more confident at my wedding and feel better in general! I tried cutting on my own but didn’t really know what to do and didn’t make any progress.  

Lacey taught me how to control my portion sizes, ingredients, and meal timing to fuel myself properly. My energy and workouts improved so much from this! My digestion also improved and I very rarely bloat anymore. I’ve learned how to choose foods that make me feel good, and I am much better at moderating my intake and listening to my body. She taught me to improve my overall health by also making sure I got enough sleep and managed my stress!  

My favorite part of working with her was how she knows how to push you gently and always has so much grace when I mess up, and I messed up a lot haha! Even though I was far from perfect she still helped me make so much progress! Most importantly, I learned so much, and I can use that knowledge for the rest of my life to manage my health and nutrition. 

Do you have any recommendations or comments for others regarding Lacey’s services?  

She is so great! Be honest about your goals, listen to her, try your best and she can get you there! 

I am so grateful for my time working with Lacey. I gained so much confidence in my body and in my ability to make the changes for a healthier lifestyle. 

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