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Anna Whitlow

September 30, 2020

Anna Whitlow

When I came to Lacey almost a year ago, I wanted to lose some body fat (tone up) and get my cycle back after several years of restriction and weight cycling.  A couple months before starting with Lacey I first started counting macros but it was not working and I was actually gaining weight despite consuming around 1400 calories while also not having a cycle.  Lacey was honest (as she always is!) and said we would really have to dive into regaining my cycle and getting my metabolism back on track before the fat loss can happen.

The things is, I am in the nutrition field and I subconsciously knew these things but I NEEDED someone to tell me that and hold me accountable through the process. I had a lot of the knowledge but not a lot of the confidence to take it on myself! After a month of working with Lacey, I got my period and have gotten it every month since working with her while getting my calories up higher than ever.  I think counting macros can get a bad rap sometimes because people can think it is only used for weight loss, but using macros with guidance from Lacey allowed me to get my metabolism back on track and eat ENOUGH. 

 If it were not for Lacey, I would have stopped once I say the scale start to creep up, when I felt uncomfortable eating more, or when I saw changes in my body, but I knew I could trust Lacey in the process.  I didn’t start a cut until 7 or so months of working with Lacey and the lowest calories I was consuming were still HIGHER than when I came to Lacey.  Beyond her expertise in women’s health and hormones, Lacey

 is just a kind person and cares deeply about all of her clients.  Lacey has helped me build up my metabolism AND confidence to where I can continue my journey by self but I will always consider Lacey a friend. ?

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