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Amy M.

March 29, 2021

I first started working with Lacey in 2018. She was wonderful and taught me so much about food freedom with macros. Some things came up and I had to take a break from working with her, but I started back working with her in 2020. She is helping me to recover from intense workouts and we are working on lowering my stress. I tend to overtrain and not rest/relax enough, but she is helping me to feel okay about self care and relaxing more. I have always overtrained as long as I can remember, either through long workouts and lots of cardio or high intense workouts. She is also helping me with my macros. Lacey is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful person. She not only helps me with those mentioned above, but ask about my stress, sleep, self care, and life in general. She is genuine and very caring and is always asking how she can help me even more. If you are on the fence about hiring her GO FOR IT!! You will not regret it.

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