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Candice Rhea

February 9, 2021

I have been working with Lacey for over two years now for bikini contest prep and reverse, but I have a new found appreciation for her wealth of knowledge after 2020 hit. I found myself quarantined and having to support my 3 kids during distance learning (one of which has Autism) AND learn how to convert the American Sign Language courses that I teach at a local college to online format…AND I also had my sister and two young nieces living with us who also were stuck at home doing distance learning. Add of these stressors up and I found myself an exhausted, anxious, wreck who had zero energy, and couldn’t sleep, and had awful muscle recovery after struggling through workouts which I used to LOVE!! Lacey advised me to gets some labs done to check for a thyroid issue and she recommended we check my cortisol levels with the Dutch test. Turns out my prolonged stress levels, lack of sleep, and over training caused my cortisol awakening response to be critically low. Which would explain all of my symptoms and why I couldn’t keep my eyes open by 2pm every day and walked around constantly feeling overwhelmed.

She quickly recommended an all natural regimen of happy light therapy, gargling, yoga, reduced workouts, prioritizing rest, and some supplements to nurture my hormones and cortisol. After several months of healing, and focusing on managing my stress, I am finally feeling my energy levels return for my day-to-day tasks and my motivation for strength training has returned. My lifts have been strong and my muscle recovery is good again which has improved my quality of sleep. Feeling like “myself” again is the biggest win I could have asked for this new year. Lacey’s attention to detail and natural approach has helped me heal and I know with her support and coaching, I will be able to unlock my greatest potential this year!! 

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